Hugs, Kisses, and Valentine Wishes

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Hugs, Kisses, and Valentine Wishes!

What kind of Valentine's Day party do two chocolate-loving teachers create?  A "Hugs, Kisses, and Valentine Wishes" party  --- of course!

Aren't these shirts adorable?  A mom in our class made them for her daughter and her best friend!  
We tried to steal them to wear ourselves. :)

Before our fun day, we sent out a Remind (an amazing app that texts parents without showing your phone number) asking for a few donations and parent volunteers.  We also had a paper sign-up sheet outside of our classroom door. We only begged asked for a few items:  Hershey's Kisses and Hugs and crescent rolls for the snack and shaving cream and cocoa powder for the chocolate puff paint.  We either already had the other items or bought them ourselves (foil, white glue, white bags, and construction paper).  We were even lucky enough to have a parent offer (well, after we got down on our knees and begged her) to make the chocolate play dough!

We sent home a class list to each student about two weeks before the party.  We like to give parents and students two options for completing their Valentine cards for their classmates.  Of course, passing out cards is completely optional.  The only rule is:  "If you bring any, you must bring for the entire class."  Option One:  Only sign your name on the card (it makes it a lot easier to pass out and gives lots of name writing practice).  Option Two:  Sign your name and write your classmates' names on the cards (good practice, but usually requires a little bit of help and a lot more time to pass them out).

We made the Valentine bags ahead of time, so that we could pass out the Valentine cards as they came in and before the party stations started.  One of our stations included looking at their Valentine cards in a small group.  They loved it!  It was so cute to hear them tell each other thank you.  We bought the white bags (you could use any color) at the Dollar Store (or you could order them off of Amazon).  We used a "kiss" tracer and traced kisses onto foil and had parents cut them out (they are kind of tricky to cut).  Everything else we left for the kids to cut out.  We wrote each kid's name on the bottom of the bag when the bags were finished, but you could also have the kids write their names.
Cut out the arms and hands

Glue the arms onto the front of the white bag

Put glue on one side of the foil kiss

Glue the foil kiss on top of arms

Add the Hugs and Kisses tag

Put a dot of glue on one of the hands

Place the other hand on top of the glue dot

Didn't it turn out cute?

We made several different colors

We hung this cute banner on our white board (sorry about the glare!).  It would have looked cute outside too, but it was raining!  We love using banners for each celebration!

Kisses & Hugs

We did six different station rotations including the "Open and Read Your Valentines" station.  We allowed 15 minutes for each rotation.  We also had at least one Valentine book at each station as a back up in case the students completed their task before it was time to rotate.  We were very fortunate to have an adult at most of the stations; however, you really only need a helper at the puffy paint station, the cooking station (Kiss Rollups), and the writing station.

We asked a parent to make a few batches of chocolate play dough (Pinterest recipe) for us. The students LOVED this center! They simply picked a sight word out of a Valentine's bag, read the word, stamped (We used our regular ink stamps. They worked great!) it into their play dough, and wrote it on the recording sheet. We stored the play dough in disposable plastic containers and it lasted the rest of the school year! It still smelled yummy in June!

To make a batch of chocolate puffy paint, you will need shaving cream, white glue, and cocoa powder.  It is a two to one ratio of shaving cream (2 parts) to white glue (1 part), and about one tablespoon (add until you get the desired color and fragrance) of cocoa powder for every 2 cups of shaving cream.  We mixed the shaving cream and glue together gently before adding the cocoa powder.  We made a batch and then adjusted quantities for consistency.  If we needed more, we just added the ingredients right to the original bowl.

Mix it up

Next, we had our students direct draw the shape of a chocolate kiss with us.  Once they finished, it was time to paint!

They can paint a Kiss

Or a Hug!
When it dries, it will puff up! 

Our kiddos are always more engaged to write when we integrate art with writing, (At this point, you are probably thinking, "Duh! Of course they are!.") so we try to integrate as much as possible.

We gave each student a chocolate kiss and a hug to taste, and asked them which one they liked best.  Since we had been working on stating an opinion and opinion writing, this was pretty easy for most of our students.  They wrote their opinion, and once the puffy paint art was dry, we mounted the writing to the bottom of the art and hung them on our bulletin board.  We set this station up, so that it was before the puffy paint station.  That way they could paint their favorite, a Hug or a Kiss.  This worked well for all of the groups except the first group at the paint station.  We just had that group taste their Hugs and Kisses and form their opinions at the table before they painted.

For this station, students counted the number of candy kisses and clipped the correct number with a clothespin.  Then, they recorded the equation on the recording sheet.

For our cooking center, our students made chocolate kiss roll ups. They were very simple! All you need is one crescent roll triangle and 3 chocolate Kiss and/or Hug candies per student. They put the candies in the center and then rolled them up. We baked them according to the directions on the crescent roll package, and they turned out delicious! Make sure to make a few extra for you and your helpers. During this center, we emphasized following more than one step directions. We also had the students retell in order what the steps were to make this yummy snack. You could take this further by having the kids draw and write about each step.

We love setting up a photo booth area at any of our "kinderbrations" to take an individual picture of each kiddo.  We save these for our end of year memory book and video that we make for parents.

This is not a separate station, but an add on to one of the shorter stations or before or after the party.  This time we added it to the Kiss Roll Ups.  While the yummy chocolate goodness was cooking, the adult at that station, would pull the kids to take a picture.  We hung a red plastic tablecloth to the wall and added fun heart-shaped glasses, signs, headbands with hearts, and anything that looked like it could be a photo prop.  We bought everything at the Dollar Store.

To keep with our theme, we made little goodie bag Valentines for each of our kiddos.  We found these little goodie bags at a dollar store, added a handful of chocolate kisses, and tied a tag on the top.  

It was an incredible day full of fun learning activities that took very little prep.  We were able to use the Sweet Sight Words and Adding Kisses activities again by adding them as center choices for the rest of February.  The kids were very excited to get to do them again.

Sending you hugs, kisses, and Valentine wishes!!



  1. I'm trying to find the hugs and kisses recording sheets, etc on your tpt store and can't find it. Please advise. Thank you!
    Leigh Anne

  2. We don't have them in our store just yet; however, we would love to share them with you. Just send us an email to asking for them. and we will email them to you. :)

  3. Is this up in your story yet? I would love to do this in Feb. Please email me to let me know. I love all your ideas. Thanks, Dana

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