100th Day Construction Day- Building to 100

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

We are ready for our day!

Welcome to the 10x10 Construction Company!  
Building our way to 100!
We have to start off by saying that much of our inspiration for this room flip (transformation) and all of our room flips come from Kim Bearden (co-founder of The Ron Clark Academy) and Hope and Wade King (educators from the Ron Clark Academy).  They have truly inspired us to find ways to make our teaching full of rich and rigorous content and incredibly engaging.  Our kiddos are always so engrossed in their learning during flip days like this.  
We teach a transitional kindergarten/ kindergarten combo class, so we are always looking for different ways to celebrate special days.  Since we have some of the same students two years in a row, we don't want to repeat any celebrations.  We rotate what we do for 100's day (and other special days) every year so that it isn't a repeat for any of our students.  Last year, we did our 100's Day Mystery and it was one of the BEST. DAYS. EVER!!  We knew that we wanted to try and create something as unique and engaging, so Construction Day was born.  Our "construction workers" spent the 100th day of school building to 100!  This could actually be done anytime of the year to reinforce numbers to 100.

We started the excitement by sending a note home (the day before) welcoming our students to the 10x10 Construction Crew and requesting them to report to their job site (their classroom) in the morning.  We also sent a Remind (app) text asking parents to please read the notes to their students that night.  Parents told us that their kids were SO excited to come to school the next day to see what they would get to build.
Transforming our classroom was super simple.  We sent a Remind text (We love this app!)  out to parents earlier in the week asking to borrow any construction props they had.  We were amazed at what they brought in - orange cones, construction signs, hard hats, safety vests, and even blueprints!  We set the props we borrowed around the room and outside, put up some construction signs we created, and hung caution tape pretty much everywhere we could. The caution tape was the only thing we bought to transform our room (good ol' Amazon). 
We put out a sign-up sheet where parents could volunteer to bring various items for the day such as food items for the counting to 100 snack.  Many of our parents are capable of donating, but we have had classes where that wasn't the case.  We just changed the centers and made sure that we asked for fewer or no items. We also asked for parent (grandparent, older sibling, ...) help to run our "job sites" for the day.  
Awesome parent volunteers "site supervisors" (and a tiny inspector!)

Outside our classroom door

Getting ready to enter the "job site".
Inside of the classroom, we taped blueprints on some of our walls and cabinets and hung up even more caution tape!  Can you really ever have enough caution tape?  Its a super cheap way to add a huge engagement factor!   We added a few ladders and some scaffolding that we borrowed and bam...we had a construction site!  We also pulled up a YouTube video of a construction site and had it playing on our whiteboard.  It was fun to hear the sounds of construction equipment while students were working!

We hung these blueprints up around the classroom.

When the students arrived, they "clocked in" and received their crew badge, "tool belt" (construction apron), and hard hat.  A parent donated the aprons.  Sometimes Home Depot will also donate them.  They are about a $1.00 each.  We bought the plastic construction hats from Amazon (you can buy pretty much anything from Amazon).  We saved the hard hats and aprons to reuse whenever we do a construction theme.  

Showing off her crew badge

This little guy's mom even made him a special shirt for the day!

Now, our crew members were ready to report to their various "job sites" (stations). Each job site had a "job spec" envelope.  The job spec sheets (directions) were glued to the front. Each job spec sheet listed building supplies needed, crew requirements (how the kiddos worked - in teams, partners, or individually), job details (directions on what to do at the station), and inspection criteria (what the crew needed to do for their job to be considered complete).

Number cards were placed inside each "job spec" envelope.  We made sure to mix the numbers up and get a wide variety of numbers in the envelope. At the end of each "shift" (which lasted 15-20 minutes), and after completing the activity at their job site, the "site supervisor" (volunteer at that station) gave the students a few of the number cards to add to the giant 100s chart we had posted in our classroom. We drew a grid on our whiteboard and hung the cards with tape.  To determine how many numbers to put in each job spec envelope, divide 100 by the number of job sites (stations) you have.  Then, divide the number of number cards by your number of rotations.  That will determine how many number cards to pass out after each job-site completion (at the end of each station).  If a job site required a recording sheet, we kept those in a folder at the job site.  

Job Spec Folders for each "job site"

A crew member "building to 100" on our 100's chart.

We created 12 different "building to 100" job sites (stations). We didn't have the time, stamina, or guts :) to do them all,  but we wanted to have many different options to choose from.  Most of them can be done with or without the recording sheets.

Building a 100 Cup Tower (roll, count, record, and build)

Building to 100 Book (making tens using ten frames, stamps,  and number sentences)

Building a 10x10 Snack (counting to 100 by tens with snack foods)

Engineering with 100 (planning and designing a bridge to hold 100 paperclips)

Building with 100 Snapping Blocks (building structures and recording creations using 100 blocks)

Building with 100 Blocks (designing a plan and building structures collaboratively)
Our school was really lucky to receive a grant for the amazing blocks we used.  They are from the Imagination Playground and the kids absolutely love them.  However, you can do this exact same center with regular classroom blocks.  The students just need to design and build a structure using 100 blocks.

QR Construction Videos (QR codes that link to videos of time-lapsed construction
projects and various construction vehicles at work)

Number Report (four differentiated recording sheets to write to 100)

Building with Blueprints (building structures following blueprint cards)
We purchased these blueprint block sets from Lakeshore.  Our students love them!  We also created the same type of cards to use with cubes.

Count the Room (reading and recording numbers to 100 represented by base ten
blocks- differentiated) 

Building Number Puzzles to 100 (sequencing numbers to 100 by completing several different puzzles)

Roll and Build to 100 Game (roll, add, and record to reach 100)

Throughout the day, we would call for a safety alert by playing a loud siren noise to stop all work.  We already owned the megaphone.  We use it at recess.  We know - brilliant! And yes, we bought it from Amazon!  We would give them a quick task to do before they could return to their job site.  For example, for one of the safety alerts, they had to count to 100 by tens.  
"Attention 10x10 Construction Company crew.  This is a safety alert.
You must stop work at your job sites immediately and count to 100 by tens!"

Our awesome Vice Principal came in as our Chief Safety Inspector.  She walked around to each of the job sites and gave them inspection reports.  She was looking to make sure they were working together as a team, were on task, showing perseverance, and encouraging one another.  The kids LOVED seeing her all dressed up!

At the end of the day, we presented each crew member with a certificate of completion.  It was such a fun way to celebrate the 100th day!

You can check out our Construction Day resource in our TPT store by clicking HERE.

Happy building!!!


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