Glow Day in TK/K!

Tuesday, November 22, 2016
Glow sticks?  Check!  Black lights?  Check!  Highlighters?  Check!  
It's time for a Glow Day in TK/K!

We are SO inspired by Hope King at Elementary Shenanigans.  She does a phenomenal job of engaging her students while focusing on rigor and content.  One of our favorite activities of hers is when she uses black lights and highlighters to work on close reading with her students.  We took that idea and adapted it for our kinder kiddos!

Materials Needed:  Black lights (we used three 24" black lights for our classroom), black plastic sheeting or black garbage bags to cover your windows, highlighters and/or invisible ink pens, tap lights (this brings in a tiny bit of light), and glow sticks.

Before "Glow Day," we sent a note home to our students asking them to wear white or neon.  Of course, we had white on as well.  The kiddos could hardly wait to come to school to see what exciting thing we had planned for them!

Literacy Centers - Glow Style: During our literacy center time, the kids rotated through four fun glow centers. 

The first center was sight word building with glow sticks.  We used a big pack of glow stick bracelets.  We kept them straight and built the words like we had on the cards. We used highlighters to write the sight words on index cards. We wrote the letters with all straight lines, so the the students would have a model to build from. We were able to differentiate this center by writing the sight words in a different colored highlighter for each reading group level.  For example, we have a group of kinder students that are working on the first grade sight word list.  We chose some of those first grade words and wrote them in neon pink highlighter.  Another group of students working on kindergarten sight words, used words written in yellow highlighter.  They absolutely LOVED this center!!!

The second center was "Glow" write the room.  We differentiated this center as well by writing sight words for the different levels in three different colors of highlighters.  Each group knew what color their words were written in and whether those words were on the top, middle, or bottom of the word card.  We taped the words around the room and gave each student a clipboard and an invisible ink marker (Amazon). This would have worked by using highlighters as well. The students walked around the room and hunted for their sight words and then recorded the words in boxes on their recording sheet.  They loved seeing their words glowing under the black lights! 

The invisible ink pens have black lights on the end!
Differentiated by writing sight words for each reading group level using different colored highlighters

Our third center was glow writing.  The students were SO engaged as they wrote letters, words, and sentences.  They had the choice of using highlighters or invisible ink pens.  We also had tap lights out on the table in case they wanted to have more light.  You can find tap lights at the Dollar Store or Walmart.

Our fourth center was book bag reading with finger lights.  They read books from their reading bags and used little finger lights to follow along.  

Reading with finger lights!
We also did a fun whole-class STEM activity.  After reading the book Iggy Peck, Architect, students used neon straws and marshmallows to try to construct the tallest tower.  Next time, we will use more large marshmallows or Playdoh and maybe even glow sticks for building.  The straws worked pretty well but didn't glow as much as we thought they would.  Glow sticks would be even better!

Glow Day was a blast and students were completely engaged in content!  We are so excited to do another Glow Day in the future with different grade level content.  The possibilities are endless!


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