Meet the Teacher Day - Pirate Style! Ahoy Matey!

Saturday, July 23, 2016

Do you meet with your kiddos before the first day of school?  We've always done a Meet the Teacher Day a couple of days before school begins.  It's a chance for our new students to meet us, take a tour of the classroom, find their cubbies, explore manipulatives they will be using throughout the year, and meet new friends.  We also hold our back to school parent meeting immediately after the classroom tour.  

Our kiddos always have a good time, but we wanted to make it even more exciting and engaging!  So...we did our Meet the Teacher Day - pirate style!

We started by mailing each student a welcome letter and an invitation postcard.

We used strips of black electrical tape on the sidewalk that led to a red "X marks the spot" in front of our classroom door.  Thank you, Pinterest, for the great idea!  What would we do without you?  We hung an "Ahoy Mateys" banner outside to welcome our new crew.

We met the kids at the door wearing our pirate hats (you can get them at the Dollar Store or from Amazon) and handed them a treasure map that was rolled up inside of a bottle!  They used the map to visit different stations around the classroom including an "X Marks the Spot" where their loot was hidden inside of a treasure chest.

We printed our maps on fun antique looking paper from Amazon.

We made signs that matched the treasure map titles set up around the room explaining each station.
We put each sign in a clear plastic photo frame and placed them on the tables.

We had six different stations for the students to rotate through.  We had different kids start at different stations to avoid too many kids at a station at once.  We set up enough items at each station, so that six kids could be there at the same time.  Most of the goodies we used came from the dollar store or Amazon.  Honestly, what would teachers do without those two places?
Pirate Pattern Blocks
QR Code that linked to a pirate song and story
Count Yer Loot Game - roll the die and put that
many gems in the treasure chest.
Our treasure chest of photo booth props

Book time!
Here are some of the pirate books that we
found and put in the treasure chest.

We save this and add it to their memory book
 at the end of the year.  Click here to download your editable freebie.

When the little pirates completed the stations and found where "X marked the spot," they received a bag of pirate loot (Pirate's Booty Popcorn with a few gold Rolos) in a baggie with a cute topper and poem.

We added black and white striped table runners to our tables, sprinkled gold coins around the classroom, had pirate music playing, brought in pirate decorations (ship's wheel, lantern, cargo net, Jolly Roger flag), and put anything we could into treasure chests.

Parents could pick a piece of "treasure" (our wish list of classroom donations)  if they wanted to donate something to our classroom

The kids and parents had a great time and couldn't wait to come back for our first day of  school.  It was our favorite Meet the Teacher ever! 

Check out our complete Pirate Meet the Teacher and Back to School Parent Meeting resources by clicking here.  

 Pirate Meet the Teacher Day

We hope you have a swashbuckling day!


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